Make Yourself Proud This Summer

With Summer finally here, going out with friends is fun and all, but sometimes there are just those days where you might not have anything to do, or your plans get canceled. Or maybe you just feel too lazy to leave the house, and you start staying home all summer doing nothing but just watching T.V and HBO movies. Days like those are often needed I mean, I even find myself binge watching shows or even movies at times, but after a while that can become quite boring. I’m sure you’ve heard  people say, “We only live once so you should make the best out of it”, and in all honesty, they’re right. You’re still young and this should be a fun time for you to go out and try things you’ve never done before. Throughout the whole school year most students are dreading for the summer to come and to finally have time of their own, so take advantage of it. Don’t just sit down in front of the television or on you’re phone all day! If your friends can’t be with you at the moment don’t let that bring you down. You should still be motivated and ambitious to do things for yourself. I myself find going to the gym a great way to kill time whenever I’m bored since I like to stay fit and exercise. Plus, it helps keep my mind off things. Sometimes I trade off the gym for a walk around the lake with my dog. Little things like that can help make you’re day much better and can give you a better you a healthier and better outlook on the world around you. If you’re not really into exercising you can try something else. Maybe you’re into cooking, or maybe you just want to go to the pool but your friends can’t go. Go yourself and relax. You shouldn’t be scared or embarrassed of spending time with yourself. It’s actually important to do so in order to learn more about yourself and to feel more comfortable in your own skin. After all, you are yourself’s greatest company. As long as it’s something that you enjoy and that relaxes you, go for it. Just remember that Summer isn’t going to be here forever, so before you have to head back to school to say that you did nothing all summer, try doing things that you’ve been wanting to do and don’t miss out on opportunities to hang out with your friends and create memories. But in the meantime, don’t let anything or anyone make you settle for boring days at home. Find something that makes you happy. With different possibilities, time and money should not be a limit.


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