Blue Lace


Happy Sunday everyone! Lace is something that I think can look either really good or really bad. I had been seeing a lot of lace rompers during the summer and loved them, so I wanted to get one myself. Plus, I love rompers because they’re a win-win situation in both time and effort. Throwing on a roper will take just a few seconds, but it can make you look so well put together and chic. I was really drawn to the beautiful pastel blue color on this one along with its floral design. I also really liked it because it’s something that I can wear on sunny/beachy day, but that I could also wear for a fancier event by dressing it up. Here, I paired it with some nude heels and a wrap bracelet with a golden embelishment. Sometimes, it’s all just in the way you style an outfit! Thoughts or comments?!

Romper: Cotton Candy L.A / Shoes: Abound

2 thoughts on “Blue Lace


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