Hey there!

Samira (sah-meer-ah) here, and welcome to my blog!

So what exactly is Samiraly? Well, it’s pretty much where I post all the things that resemble me in some way, or that are part of me and my life. It’s for anything Samira-ly. Those things include mostly my fashion style, travels, and lifestyle.

My fashion style: is always evolving. I don’t always stick to the same fashion style and I like to try new things. Sometimes I will wear the latest trends, while other times I will wear older pieces & mix it up. It all usually depends on my mood. I strongly believe in being able to wear the same items again while making them work into different outfits.

My Travels: Traveling is something that I have a deep lust for. I have been fortunate enough to have already seen and experienced many different places, but I still hope to see more. Traveling gives me a sense of connection and deeper knowledge into the world. Traveling also inspires me so much, and with you guys, I would like to share that inspiration through my photos.


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