Inked by Dani: Temporary Handmade Tattoos

*PROMO CODE*  Hey there! I am so excited to announce, that after falling in love with these beautiful temporary tattoo designs from Inked by Dani, I am now a brand ambassador for them! They have been featured on various fashion magazines and by other bloggers as well. These temporary tattoos last over a few days, and they’re waterproof. … More Inked by Dani: Temporary Handmade Tattoos

Food Talk- Brava!

Starting with this post, I am now going to start a new series called Food Talk. Believe it or not, I am a big food junkie and love going out to try new restaurants! Here in Miami, there is such a diverse ray of food options available, so it’s no wonder that it’s home to … More Food Talk- Brava!

Art Basel Time!

  One of the most anticipated weeks in Miami has finally arrived. This is of course, Art Basel week! The Art Basel is such an exciting event, and not only is there that, but many other art events that showcase during the same week. It really is a special time to be in Miami. Artists from … More Art Basel Time!

Homemade Lo Mein

This week I decided to try some new dishes myself, after realizing how bad I’ve been eating lately. I’ve been going through a time period in which I’ve relied mostly on junk food, which has been making me feel super sluggish and it’s just not working. I don’t usually eat like that, it’s just been a … More Homemade Lo Mein

Debuting my Tattoo

A couple of months ago was my 18th birthday, and with it, came a present of a lifetime…literally. As my present, my mom took me to go get my first tattoo ever right on that exact night. I had been asking her to get one of some time already, so she decided that if I was going to … More Debuting my Tattoo