Bohemian Touch

Hi everyone! So recently I was in France, or more specifically, Paris! I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect other than high fashion and the latest trends strutting down the Parisian streets, but of course there was a lot more, which I’ll soon post about on my travel page. For the first day there, I … More Bohemian Touch

The Keys

    Last weekend, I went to the keys. I think it was a time much needed to refresh and to start the new year off in a more positive note. The weather in Miami had been muggy, rainy and a bit cold for what we’re used to. On may way there, the weather seemed … More The Keys

In the Bay Area

Last year during spring, I traveled to California, and I know that usually when you think of California you instantly think L.A, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and all of the glitz & glam that comes along with it. That’s what I thought of too until I realized that I would only be going to San Francisco. … More In the Bay Area

Spain Diary

Okay, where to begin? Well let me just start of by saying that Spain is honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I spent a lot of time in Toledo with family where there are many tall mountains, vast land, and such a perfect place to get that old Spanish-living vibe. I … More Spain Diary

Italian Diary

When in Rome, I was able to taste their famous pizza and pasta. To top it off, I ate some of the world’s best gelato. Italian food is my favorite, so eating the “real thing”, was delish. There are so many interesting places to see there not just for their beauty alone, but also for … More Italian Diary

London Diary

Being in London for the first time was amazing. Even more so because I went last year during the Summer Olympics. It was the place to be at the time. Unfortunately, I was only able to stop at London for a short time, but I was still able to see the main spots like Big … More London Diary